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Loyalty Swirls (Program) FAQs

For every $1.00 spent, you receive 1 Loyalty Swirl added to the logged in account. For every 250 swirls you have, you will receive a $10.00 discount code. Orders can, but not limited to and include free orders. You are able to save up your points for free orders. Once you redeem the $10.00 discount code, 250 points will be deducted from your account. 

Can I use Loyalty Swirls to purchase gift cards? Unfortunately no, this feature has not been set up yet. 

Can I receive Loyalty Swirls for catering or wholesale orders? No, loyalty swirls only go to regular, day-to-day basis customers. 

Can I receive Loyalty Swirls without an account? No, you will only receive Swirls with an account logged in. 

What happens if I need to cancel or refund my order and I used Loyalty Swirls, what do I do? Two things, we can give you a credit for the amount the discount was worth, or we can give you 250 Swirls added back to your account. Please contact us at for issues/problems regarding this topic. 

Can I receive Loyalty Swirls at pop-up events? No, since we can't track your orders via pop ups due to the time constraint per customer we would be unable to provide you with loyalty swirls. 


Any questions, concerns, or issues? Please email us at 

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