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"FOODIE FINDS" returns for a new season at RBS TV Network on April 22!

DES MOINES (IA) April 17, 2024 -- Nash Roe, RBS TV Network, and Nash Roe Entertainment announced that their hit series, "FOODIE FINDS" which is a show about the recreation of big brand foods featured in stores and TV and turning them into homemade replicas that beat the original.

This comes after another RBS original series -- What's In Your Kitchen was renewed back in January 2024. The FOODIE FINDS franchise was put on hold after Nash Roe had a skiing accident that broke my hip.

Watch the season 2 premiere of FOODIE FINDS during the 2-night event starting April 22, 2024 at 6/5c only on RBS TV Network. Use hashtags #FoodieFindsRBS

Photo Courtesy: RBS TV Network/Nash Roe Entertainment

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