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Update on Nash Roe’s broken hip recovery.

Published: MARCH 2, 2024 at 9:16am CST

Updated: MARCH 2, 2024 at 9:20am CST


DES MOINES, IA — After the skiing accident with Nash Roe, he was told that 30 days of Lovenox shots were needed to prevent blood clots.

“today, march 2nd, marks 30 days since my horrific skiing accident in jackson hole, wy. today also marks the end of my lovenox shots to prevent blood clots — on the first day home when the doctor told me that I would need shots every day I almost wanted to faint because I do not do needles. I told my self, while sitting on the plane coming home, that I would give my self the last shot… and I DID IT!! 🥹 #progress >>>>>” said on a statement from Nash Roe’s official social media accounts.

Stay up to date with Nash Roe’s hip recovery on social media and the official Nash Roe Insider.

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