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Home of the original CINNA-ROE®

Nash's Confections, LLC® and the CINNA-ROE® trademark are licensed  to Nash's Confections, LLC®.  Ask for permission before use.

Hello! Welcome to Nash's Confections.

Nash's Confections is a Des Moines, IA based bakery specializing in our CINNA-ROE® and other delicious & innovative rustic desserts. Nash Roe, owner & founder is a 14 year old entrepreneur who started this business during the COVID-19 pandemic. Nash Roe and Nash's Confections were featured in media articles and interviews plus Food Network's KIDS BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP - Season 11 "Biz Kids". Read full origin story below.



Des Moines, IA




Only made with the highest quality 

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Earn Loyalty Swirls that you can use towards FREE* orders!  

* - For every 250 swirls, you get a $10 discount. $1 spent, 1 Swirl is added to your account.   These points can but not limited to and include discounts, free orders, or discounts on your orders. For pickup only. Points are not given for wholesale, catering, or event orders. See Loyalty Swirls (Program) FAQs here.

customer  testimonial

"They were so good!! Just as I expected, soft and lovely flavor and not too sweet but still sweet!!"   ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
- Sabrina R.     ✓ Verified Purchase    


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